Micah Smith
Professional Voice actor

Micah Smith is a Professional Voice Actor based in Indiana, who's been providing fantastic voiceovers for global clients in projects such as Animations, Video Games, ADR Dubbing, (and more!) and continuing to hone the skills needed to run a successful voiceover business. He is experienced with taking direction, easy to work with, and equipped with a fantastic voice for your next project!

Pokemon Narration!

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I'm Micah Smith, your next choice for a reliable Voice Actor. My voice type is a youthful, natural mid-high voice with a soft texture perfect for passionate dialogue! I am typically cast as a youthful adult male, though I can provide voices anywhere from a teenager to an adult!My studio is Source Connect Ready, and Remote Recording Capable, and I always provide clients with Broadcast-Ready Production Quality which I can offer from my Home Studio setup. As well as a stellar 24-hour turnaround for most projects.
Some of the most popular projects include:

  • Animations

  • Video Games

  • Gacha Games / MMOs

  • Anime Dubbing / Automated Dialogue Replacement (ADR)

  • Loops / Looping

  • Walla Recordings

  • Commercials

  • Audiobooks

  • Radio and TV Advertisements

  • YouTube Videos and Advertisements

  • TikTok Ads

  • Spotify Advertisements

  • Corporate Narration / E-learning Modules

  • and plenty more!

Home Studio Specs

Micah Smith Voice Acting Vocal Booth

Voice Acting Demo Reels

Feel free to navigate my website! The audio will keep playing!

(Choppy audio on mobile? If this happens to you, downloading the file should allow you to hear my demos in their highest quality, with no hiccups!)

Raw Audio Demo - (No FX / Editing)

Animation Demo Reel

Commercial Demo Reel

Anime Demo Reel - Coming Soon!


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Booking Info

All payments will be processed through PayPal, (No Exceptions!)
Rates are flexible, depending on your project type/broadcast specifications.
Tax is %15

To contact Micah regarding bookings or other business, email: meikou98@gmail.com or use the contact me form.

E-mail Details

  • Need a Deadline for finished audio.

  • Specification of if audio is being broadcast commercially or needs full broadcast rights.

  • Audio format needed (wav, mp3, etc.)

  • Your budget in USD, please!

  • And of course, the script for the audition/role!

Payment and Refund Details

  • As stated previously, all payments will be processed through PayPal.

  • Payments are done in two steps, so you'll never be asked for the full amount up-front! The first payment is thirty percent of your total amount, so I can get started on your project! I'll ask for the final payment once your full audio is ready to be delivered to you.

  • First payment can be delivered after I send the first audio file, which should be an audition or an excerpt from your provided script.

  • Once your payment is confirmed, I'll deliver your files before your set deadline.

  • (For non-directed sessions) The first two revisions to your audio are free, but anything after that will require a 10 dollar charge.

  • Any refunds must be requested within 24 hours of purchase.

  • If I inform you of an unexpected circumstance where I am unable to deliver your files on time, you may request a refund, even after the 24-Hour period is up.

  • You will not receive any finalized files if you request a refund or cancel your order.

If you have any additional questions, feel free to use the contact form!


Roly Gutiérrez - (Centauro Dubbing)

"I've worked with Micah several times now as a remote talent. I met Micah via the Twitter VO community, and glad I did. Hardworking, takes direction well, on top of being a talented voice actor. Micah has great vocal range, enunciation and acting. My favorite is casting Micah for younger characters, as he excels in that, not to mention you have an actor who can voice said characters with longevity. Micah is nothing but positive vibes, good energy and steadfast in his work. I say as a director in ADR, you'd be well off bringing Micah on your team to add some quality art to your project(s)."

Wolf White - (Individual)

"Micah is an exceptional voice actor. He is highly professional and talented at his craft. Files arrived ahead of schedule with high marks in quality and organization. It is a pleasure working with him."

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